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Robo Knight

Robo Knight

Sentai Name: Gosei Knight
Megaforce Debut: Episode 8 Robo Knight
Goseiger Debut: Episode 17

Robo Knight is an ancient robotic guardian who has the ability to transform into the Lion Mechazord. Gosei created Robo Knight to protect the environment.

Robo Knight has lost some of his memories, including the fact that Gosei created him.

Robo Knight uses the Robo Morpher as his primary card reader.

Robo Knight is voiced by Chris Auer.

CardsVulcan Headder, Knight Dynamic, Groundion
WeaponsRobo Morpher, Robo Blaster, Vulcan Cannon


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Command Center
Enter Robo Knight
Lion Mechazord Finisher
Lion Mechazord Transformation
Robo Knight Morph
Vulcan Cannon

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Arch enemies will clash with Mega Bloks Power Rangers Mega force Robo Knight vs. Vrak. The mysterious Robo Knight and his Lion Mechazord will bring out their most powerful weapons to try and end the feud with the evil Vrak, a main villain of the War star aliens. Will Robo Knight and the Lion Mechazord destroy Vrak in his evolved fighting form? You decide who wins the day. Ideal for children ages 5 years and above.

  • Buildable lion mechazord with working missile launcher
  • Includes new super poseable Robo Knight and Vrak in his evolved fighting form micro action figures
  • Rebuild challenge; construct the cool alternate fantasy vehicle with the instructions found inside
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When evil attacks be sure to have the powerful Robo Knight Power Ranger and his Lion Mechazord on your side to defeat the villains. Robo Knight has the incredible ability to morph into the Lion Mechazord's head when it is in tank mode, or have him ride atop the Mechazord in cannon mode. To further help stop evil, the vehicle features two firing missiles. Attach the Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle and the Sea Lion Black Ranger cycle (each sold separately) to the Lion Mechazord to create the one and only Gosei Grand Megazord and eliminate evil. Also, mix and match the Zord with any other item that is part of the ZordBuilder collection, as well as with the Power Ranger Blaster.

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