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Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger)

Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger)

Sentai Name: Gosei Yellow
Megaforce Debut: Episode 1 Mega Mission

Gia Moran is labeled as 'Miss Perfect', and it's hard to argue that it's the truth. Pretty, personable, and a powerful martial arts fighter, Gia is as intelligent as she is confident. She's been best friends with Emma since they were little, and that's not going to stop just because they're in different social cliques now. The Yellow Ranger's constant success can be frustrating to her teammates, but she and her Tiger Zord are dependable to the end!

Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger) is played by Ciara Hanna.

CardsGosei Yellow, Landick Claw, Gosei Tiger, Defenstone, Landick Brother
MechazordsGosei Tiger Mechazord
MorphersGosei Morpher
WeaponsMega Blaster, Tiger Claw
ZordsTiger Zord


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