Power Rangers Megaforce
Episode Guide - Mega Mission
Mega Mission

Mega Mission

Season 1, Episode 1
Original Air Date: February 02, 2013
Rating: 1.391 million viewers
Adapted from Goseiger Epic 1
Next Episode (He Blasted Me With Science)

Written by: James W. Bates
Directed by: Jonathan Tzachor

Rangers from past seasons fight together against a new army of villains. Troy awakens from his dream and leaves the bus as he prepares for his first day at school. Mr. Burley starts the discussion with a science brain teaser. Emma responds that insects, but Noah says that she is wrong and the real answer is Robots. Gia disagrees and mentions that robots aren't a species. Jake admires Gia's beauty. Troy arrives the class and responds that humans can work together and overcome anything. The girls admire his answer. The Warstar ship approaches Earth. Creepox reports his status to Admiral Malkor.

Gia invites Emma to Ernies' Brainfreeze. Emma responds that she needs to take a photo of a butterfly in the woods. After spying on Gia, he invites Noah to Ernies. Back on the Warstar Ship, Vrak reports to Admiral Malkor, who is not afraid of the humans. At the Command Center, Gosei awakens Tensou and tells him to summon the five teenagers. The guys arrive to Ernie's Brainfeeze. Jake orders a drink for Gia. In the woods, Emma takes photos of the butterfly. She sees Creepox in the background. Gia, Noah, and Jake disappear from Ernie's. Troy trains on top of a building. Just as he is about to take a break, he is teleported from the scene. The four teenagers are teleported to the Command Center, where they are greeted by Tensou. Noah calls Tensou an old school robot from the movies. The lights turn on in the Command Center. Troy admires the Ranger Keys and remembers his dream. Gosei welcomes the teenagers.

Gosei's mentor, Zordon, has made Gosei the guardian of the Earth. Gosei was awakened by the recent Warstar threat. The teenagers have been chosen to be Power Rangers. Emma is teleported to the Command Center. She shows the photo of Creepox. The teenagers see themselves on the view screens. Noah asks about the Ranger Keys. Gosei tells the Rangers that they are the past Rangers. Gosei gives the Rangers their new Gosei Morpher and educates them with the Power Cards, Weapons, and Megazords. The teenagers are teleported to the city. Loogies begin the attack on the citizens. The teenagers work together to fight the Loogies, who are too strong for them. Troy remembers Gosei's words about the Gosei Morphers. The teenagers reveal the Gosei Morpher and the Morph Power Cards. They insert the cards into the Morphers and recite the morphing call "It's Morphin Time...Go Go Megaforce." The teenagers transform into the Megaforce Power Rangers. Yellow Ranger is the first one to summon her weapons. The Rangers summon their weapons by inserting their Weapon Cards into the Gosei Morpher. The Rangers use their new weapons to take on the Loogies. Vrak suggests to send down a real monster. Admiral Malkor calls Scaraba to defeat the humans.

Scaraba begins the attack. The Rangers summon their Mega Blasters. They use their new weapons to thin out the swarm of Loogies. Scaraba transforms into a boulder and rolls towards the Rangers. He follows up with a series of rock attacks. The Rangers summon the Mega Weapons. After a brief fight with the Mega Weapons, the Rangers combine their weapons into the Megaforce Blaster. The Rangers energize the Megaforce Blaster with their elemental cards. The attack defeats Scaraba. At the Command Center, Gosei praises their first victory. Noah feels that they were lucky in their first battle. Gosei tells them that luck had nothing to do with it. Earth's Defender, Never Surrender!

Episode Clips

Legend War Dream
Legend War Dream
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Command Center
Command Center
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First Scene
First Scene
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Chosen Teenagers
Chosen Teenagers
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Final Scene
Final Scene
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Troy Burrows (Red Ranger)
Noah Carver (Blue Ranger)
Jake Holling (Black Ranger)
Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger)
Emma Goodall (Pink Ranger)
Mr. Burley
Admiral Malkor

Supporting Cast

Anthony Ray ParkerScaraba

Episode Notes

Emma Goodall (Pink Ranger)First Morph
Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger)First Morph
Jake Holling (Black Ranger)First Morph
Noah Carver (Blue Ranger)First Morph
Troy Burrows (Red Ranger)First Morph

Timeline Notes

Troy dreams of the Legend War
Troy moves to the city.
Warstar approaches the planet Earth.
Gosei summons the new teenagers to be Power Rangers.
The teenagers visit the Command Center for the first time.
The teenagers morph for the first time.


Admiral Malkor, Command Center, Creepox, Dragon Sword, Dragon Zord, Emma Goodall (Pink Ranger), Emma's Camera, Ernie, Ernie's Brainfreeze, Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger), Gia's Notes, Gosei, Gosei Black, Gosei Blue, Gosei Morpher, Gosei Pink, Gosei Red, Gosei Yellow, Harwood County, Harwood County High School, Jake Holling (Black Ranger), Landick Ax, Landick Claw, Loogies, Mega Blaster, Megaforce Blaster, Mr. Burley, Noah Carver (Blue Ranger), Phoenix Shot, Phoenix Zord, Ranger Keys, Ranger Mode, Scaraba, Science Classroom, Seaick Bowgun, Shark Bowgun, Shark Zord, Skick Shot, Skick Sword, Snake Ax, Snake Zord, Tensou, Tiger Claw, Tiger Zord, Troy Burrows (Red Ranger), Vrak, Warstar Ship

Episode Notes

First Frame: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue team [Clip] [Image]
The season starts with the Legend War. [Clip] [Image]
Legend War dream has footage from 199 Hero Great Battle Movie, Gokaiger Episode (GoGoV Debut), and new filmed footage. [Clip] [Image]
Robo Knight is first seen in the Legend War Dream. [Clip] [Image]
First Dialogue: Bus Driver [Clip] [Image]
First unmorphed Ranger: Troy [Clip] [Image]
Troy's First Line: Weird Dream [Clip] [Image]
Gia, Emma, Jake, and Noah are in the same science class with Mr. Burley [Clip] [Image]
Gia sits to the left of Emma in Science Class. [Clip] [Image]
Jake sits behind Noah in Science Class. [Clip] [Image]
Science class is the first class of the day. [Clip]
Emma's First Line: Insects, they'll survive all the bad stuff that we're doing to the environment. [Clip] [Image]
Jake's First Line: Dude, calm down. [Clip] [Image]
Noah's First Line: She's wrong. [Clip] [Image]
Gia's First Line: Robots are machine. [Clip] [Image]
The classroom scene is the first time we see Jake's crush on Gia. [Clip] [Image]
A computer monitor in the class shows the Harwood County High School name and logo. [Clip]
Creepox is the first Warstar Alien on Earth. [Image]
Admiral's First Line: Creepox [Image]
Creepox's First Line: Yes, Admiral Malkor
Gia and Emma's lockers are in front of Mr. Burley's classroom.
Gia's locker door has photos of outdoor activities. [Image]
Emma's locker door has photos and a class schedule. [Image]
Emma plans to go to the woods to take photos of the Orange Fireflies: a once in a lifetime event.
Emma's favorite dessert: Lowfat cherry berry strawberry with carrot chips with no hot fudge.
Vrak's First Line: I've analyzed Earth, Admiral. [Image]
Gosei Ultimate is seen outside of the Command Center. [Clip] [Image]
Tensou is seen in the second frame of the Command Center. [Clip] [Image]
Gosei's First Line: Tensou, Tensou [Clip] [Image]
Tensou's First Line: I was catching some great z's. [Clip] [Image]
The Command Center has five panels (green instead of black) [Clip] [Image]
Tensou looks like Johnny 5 with the Gosei symbol. [Clip] [Image]
Chosen Teenagers on the panels [Clip] [Image]
Emma is the first chosen teenager on the Red Panel. [Clip] [Image]
Jake is chosen on the Green Panel. [Clip] [Image]
Gia is chosen on the Yellow Panel. [Clip] [Image]
Noah and Troy are chosen on the Red Panel. [Clip] [Image]
Emma is the first Ranger to see a Warstar Alien (Creepox) [Image]
Ernie's First Line: Hey Kids, what can I get for you? [Image]
Noah and Jake's usual at Brainfreeze is a one scoop of vanilla. [Image]
Each cone is $2 at Brainfreeze.
Jake gives Ernie $20 for his $6 order but doesn't get his change. [Image]
Teleportation from Ernie's Brainfreeze is a homage to the first teleportation in Day of the Dumpster [Clip]
Gia is the first Ranger to teleport (Noah, Jake, and Troy) [Clip] [Image]
Gia's Notes has Ciara Hanna's boyfriend name [Clip] [Image]
Troy is the first Ranger to land in the Command Center (Gia, Jake, and Noah) [Clip] [Image]
Jake teleports with his two cones and soccer ball. [Clip] [Image]
Troy is the first Ranger to touch Tensou. [Clip] [Image]
Ranger Keys is seen for the first time. [Clip] [Image]
Troy stares at the Red Time Force Key and remembers the Legend War Dream. [Clip] [Image]
Noah's reference to Tensou: old school movie robot [Image]
Jake's reference to Gosei: (1)Freaky Tiki and (2)Dad's Hawaiian Shirts [Clip] [Image]
Zordon was Gosei's mentor. [Clip] [Image]
Gosei took on the form of the Gosei Morpher to communicate with the humans. [Clip]
Emma is the last Ranger to teleport in the Command Center. [Clip] [Image]
Emma has a photo of Creepox in her camera. [Clip] [Image]
Ranger Order: Emma, Noah, Jake, Gia, and Troy. [Clip] [Image]
Jake is on the green panel. [Clip] [Image]
Noah is the first Ranger to ask about the Ranger Keys. [Clip] [Image]
Gosei calls the Rangers "Mega Rangers." [Clip]
The Rangers are teleported out of the Command Center. [Clip] [Image]
Emma is the first Ranger to spot the attack.
Emma is the first Ranger to get attacked by the Loogies. [Image]
Troy is the first Ranger to touch a Loogie [Image]
Gia is the first Ranger to attack a Loogie [Image]
Emma takes two closeup shots of Loogies during the fight. [Image]
Jake defeats two Loogies with the soccer ball. [Image]
Troy is the first Ranger to use the Gosei Morpher and Card. [Clip] [Image]
Goseiger Cards are used in this season. [Clip] [Image]
Troy's pre-morph dialogue is a homage to Jason's line in Day of the Dumpster. [Clip] [Image]
Troy is the first Ranger to morph (Troy, Noah, Jake, Emma, Gia). [Clip] [Image]
The morph sequence uses clips from the Goseiger Morph. [Clip] [Image]
Yellow Ranger is the first Ranger to use a Power Card. [Clip] [Image]
Yellow Ranger is the first Ranger to summon a Power Weapon, followed by Black, Blue, Pink, and Red Rangers. [Clip] [Image]
Gosei Morpher: Summon Battle Gear (Gosei's Voice) [Clip]
Troy says Summon Battle Gear [Clip] [Image]
Scaraba, the Rock Beetle, is the first monster in the season. [Image]
The Rangers introduce themselves as Power Rangers Megaforce for the first time. [Image]
The Rangers summon the Mega Blasters for the first time. [Clip] [Image]
The Headder Island clip from Goseiger is edited. [Clip] [Image]
Blue Ranger is the first Ranger to fire the Mega Blaster, followed by Black, Yellow, Pink, and Red Rangers. [Image]
The Rangers summon the Mega Weapons for the second time [Clip] [Image]
The first Ranger Roll Call without dialogue. [Clip] [Image]
Power Rangers Megaforce song is played for the first time in the weapon battle against Scaraba. [Clip] [Image]
The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster for the first time. [Clip] [Image]
The Rangers walk into the Command Center. [Clip] [Image]
Emma jokes about quitting (homage to Kim's line in Day of the Dumpster). [Clip] [Image]
The Rangers say "Earth's Defenders Never Surrender" for the first time. [Clip] [Image]
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