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Episode Guide - End Game
End Game

End Game

Season 1, Episode 20
Original Air Date: November 30, 2013
Rating: 1.466 million viewers
Adapted from Goseiger Epics 43 and 44
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Written by: Seth Walther
Directed by: John Laing

Troy (shirtless) trains with the Dragon Sword in the forest. In the underwater base, Cyborg Vrak summons his army of robots. Gia and the Rangers interrupt Troy's training and inform him about the robots. Troy puts on his shirt and joins his friends into battle.

The army of Robots leave the water and head towards the land. The Rangers morph into action. The Rangers work together to fight the Loogies. At the base, the Messenger and Cyborg Vrak prepare to join the fight. The Rangers fight strong but are easily outnumbered. Robo Knight joins the fight to even the odds. The Rangers and Robo Knight defeat the final Robots with the Vulcan Cannon and Megaforce weapons. Cyborg Vrak joins the scene and taunts the Rangers, who immediately power up to Ultra Mode. The battle against Cyborg Vrak begins. After quickly defeating the Rangers, Vrak turns his attention to Robo Knight. Vrak unleashes his ultimate attack to weapon the Rangers. The Rangers use their cards to weaken Vrak. Robo Knight and the Ultra Megaforce Rangers fire the Vulcan Cannon with the Ultimate Dynamic Strike attacks. Vrak deflects the attacks back to the Rangers. The Ultra Megaforce Rangers power down and their morphers are fried. Black Ranger attempts to use his Card, but the morpher doesn't work. The Messenger joins the fight.

The Rangers face off against Messenger, who is too strong forthe Rangers. After a fierce battle, the Messenger unleashes a powerful attack causing the Rangers to demorph. The Rangers are unable to morph but they are willing to continue fighting. Robo Knight jumps in front of them and uses the last of his Dynamic Powers against Messenger.

Robo Knight deflects Messenger's attack. Robo Knight was able to use his internal energy to recharge the Robo Morpher. The portal was able to temporarily drain the Messenger's energy. Robo Knight tells the Rangers to take out the Gosei Morphers. He restores their Gosei Morphers and gives the Robo Blaster to Robo Knight. The Rangers morph into action and power up to Ultra Mode. As the Ultra Megaforce Rangers fight the Messenger, Robo Knight remains weak on the beach. The Messenger blocks the Rangers' attempt to form the portal. The Rangers follow up with the Ultra Dynamic Strike attack to block Messenger's attack. Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger fires the Vulcan Cannon with the Ultra Dynamic Strike to finally defeat the Messenger. Metal Alice arrives to protect Cyborg Vrak. The Rangers quickly defeat Metal Alice. Messenger tells Cyborg Vrak to retreat because the Armada won't recognize him in his Cyborg form. Cyborg Vrak destroys Metal Alice due to her failure. The Rangers demorph and search for Robo Knight. Gosei is unable to locate Robo Knight. The armada begins the attack on the city. The Rangers morph and head to the forest to avoid the blasts. Gormins join the Armada as they continue their havoc on the planet Earth. Red Ranger races away from the forest to find Robo Knight.

To Be Continued...in Power Rangers Super Megaforce

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Troy's Training
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Robo Knight
Robo Knight's Fight
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Rangers defeats the Messenger
Rangers defeats the Messenger
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Final Scene
Final Scene
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Troy Burrows (Red Ranger)
Noah Carver (Blue Ranger)
Jake Holling (Black Ranger)
Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger)
Emma Goodall (Pink Ranger)
Mr. Burley
Admiral Malkor

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