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Episode Guide - United We Stand
United We Stand

United We Stand

Season 1, Episode 5
Original Air Date: March 02, 2013
Rating: 1.811 million viewers
Adapted from Goseiger Epics 9 and 18
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Written by: Jill Donnellan
Directed by: Jonathan Brough

Gia and Emma rides their bikes in the woods. Emma leads Gia to the Magnus Bloomus Annulus, a rare flower that only blossums one day a year. Emma starts taking photos of the flower. Gia and Emma start taking photos of each other with the flowers. Gosei contacts the girls for their next mission.

The Rangers arrive to the scene, where they are greeted by Vrak in his new protective armor. Vrak orders the Loogies to attack the Rangers. The Rangers face off against Loogies. Red and Blue Rangers turn their attention to Vrak, who summons more Loogies. The Rangers use their Mega Blasters against the new swarm of Loogies. Vrak and Loogies retreat the scene. The Rangers power down. The guys watch as Emma and Gia leave the scene to print Emma's new photos. At the Warstar, Vrak powers down to his Prince mode. Admiral Malkor introduces the royal Beezara to Creepox and Vrak. Beezara has a plan to turn the girl Rangers against each others. At the mall, Emma finishes printing the photos. Beezara blasts the girls. Emma and Gia start bickering about the photos. They accidently rip one of the photos in half. At the school, Jake tells Noah to hurry up so he can join the soccer game. Beezara and the Loogies begin to attack the soccer.

Jake looks outsides and see the Loogies. Noah contacts the other Rangers. Beezara orders the Loogies to take the humans. Gia and Emma race to the scene. Jake and Noah morph into the Black and Blue Rangers. The two Rangers start the attack on Beezara. After a brief battle, Beezara blasts the two Rangers. Their friends arrive to see their friends on the ground. Red Ranger takes on Beezara, but his attempts fail. Pink and Yellow Ranger attempt to form the Megaforce Blaster with the two weapons. Beezara kicks the girl Rangers into the soccer girl. The alien walks towards the defeated Rangers. The guys are unable to control themselves as they carry Beezara from the scene. Back in the woods, Beezara enjoys the royal treatment from the guys. Emma and Gia look for their friends. Emma follows her instincts and finds the guys. Beezara fires a blast at Emma, who morphs into action. The alien captures the Pink Ranger. Yellow Ranger arrives in time to fight Beezara.

Pink and Yellow Rangers continue their bickering. Yellow Ranger summons the Land Zords and attacks Beezara with the Mega Blaster powered by the Beetle Zords. Pink Ranger asks to free her, but Yellow Ranger disregards the order. The guys remind the girls of their friendship. Pink Ranger earns the Sky Brothers Cards with the power of friendship. She uses the new Card to summon the Hawk, Ptera, and Crow Zords. She uses the new zords to free Yellow Ranger and weaken Beezara. The girls work together against Beezara as they are surrounded by the Sky and Land Swords. The girls power up their Mega Blasters and fire the Ultimate Dino Blast to defeat Beezara. Beezara's spell is broken and the guys are free again. Yellow Ranger suggest that Jake should continue to be the strong and silent type. Vrak uses the Zombats to make Beezara grow. The guys morph into action. The Rangers summon the zords and form the Gosei Great Megazord. Beezara immediately captures the Megazord. Red Ranger uses the Skick Brother Card to summon the Sky Mechazords. The Rangers form the Sky Megazord. The new formation flies through Beezara's blasts. Sky Megazord defeats Beezara with the Sky Strike Victory Charge attack. The Rangers celebrate their victory at Ernie's. Noah sees Emma's photo in the newspaper. Emma was afraid to show the photo to Gia, who loves the photo.

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The Rare Flower
The Rare Flower
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Best Friends No More
Best Friends No More
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Emma and Gia
Emma and Gia's Search
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Final Scene
Final Scene
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Troy Burrows (Red Ranger)
Noah Carver (Blue Ranger)
Jake Holling (Black Ranger)
Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger)
Emma Goodall (Pink Ranger)
Mr. Burley
Admiral Malkor

Supporting Cast

Sarah BanasiakBeezara

Episode Notes


Timeline Notes

Emma earns the Sky Brothers Card.
The Rangers form the Sky Megazord for the first time.


Beezara, Emma's Photos, Land Zords, Magnus Bloomus Annulus, Newspaper, Skick Brother, Skick Gosei Great, Skick Gosei Great Victory Charge, Sky Brothers, Sky Megazord, Sky Zords

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