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Episode Guide - Who's Crying Now?

Who's Crying Now?

Season 1, Episode 7
Original Air Date: March 16, 2013
Adapted from Goseiger Epics 12 and 16
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Written by: Seth Walther
Directed by: Jonathan Tzachor

At Harwood County High School, two bullies set their targets on their next victim. Troy accidently runs into their path. The bully picks on Troy for being the new guy. Emma wants to stop the bully. Noah stops her because he knows that Noah is cool as ice. Troy attempts to walk past the bully, who continues to taunt him. Troy's reaction scares the bully off. Noah asks how Troy keeps calm. The bullies their attention to another student. Troy stops the bully and tells the bullies that everyone deserves respect. The student tells Troy that the beetle is really rare. Emma is impressed by Troy. At the Warstar Ship, Vrak asks if Creepox is prepared for the next fight.

The bullies find the student again in the park. Creepox enters the scene and approaches the bullies. The student challenges Creepox, who turns his attention to the student. Black and Yellow Rangesr arrive in time to protect the teenagers. After a brief battle in the park, they continue the fight in a warehouse. Creepox is too strong for two Rangers. After his victory, Creepox leaves the scene and prepares for his next target.

Troy, Emma, and Jake arrive in the park. Gosei informed the Rangers about the attack in the park. They try to contact their friends but they are unable to reach them. They find Jake and Gia in the warehouse. Troy tells Emma to take care of Jake and Gia. Creepox fires meteor blasts towards the city. Troy and Noah find Creepox. Creepox remembers his last battle against the Red Ranger. The two rangers morph into action. They summon their Mega Blasters and begin the attack. Creepox is too strong for the Rangers, who summon their Mega Weapons. Creepox focuses on the Red Ranger. Creepox fires the Meteor Shot attack. Blue Ranger uses the Defenstream Card to create a shield, which briefly protects them from the attack. The blast forces them over the cliff and straight to the ground, where they demorph. Troy thanks Noah for using the card. Troy challenges Creepox to a fight while Noah rests. Troy morphs and faces off against Creepox. Red Ranger fights strong in the battle. Creepox continues to use the Meteor Shot attack. The attack weakens Red Ranger, forcing him to demorph. As Creepox is about to defeat Troy, Noah arrives to the scene.

Troy gets the advantage and morphs into action. Vrak, in his battle armor, watches as Red Ranger fights Creepox. The two warriors engage in one final attack. Red Ranger defeats Creepox, who explodes behind Red Ranger. The Rangers arrive in time to see Troy's victory. The Rangers and summon the Gosei Great Megazord. Creepox is too strong for the Megazord. Gosei tells Red Ranger that he has earned the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord card. Red Ranger uses the Hyper Gosei Great Card to summon all of the zords. The zords combine with the Gosei Great to form the Ultra Gosei Great. The new formation approaches Creepox and fires blasts to push him back. Red Ranger uses the Victory Charge card to defeat Creepox. The Rangers celebrate their victory. Jake shows off with a victory dance. Gia stops the dance by giving her backpack to Jake. At Ernie's, Roy gives the bug to the student, who protected them.

Episode Clips

Troy and the Bullies
Troy and the Bullies
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Troy vs Creepox
Troy vs Creepox
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Final Scene
Final Scene
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Troy Burrows (Red Ranger)
Noah Carver (Blue Ranger)
Jake Holling (Black Ranger)
Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger)
Emma Goodall (Pink Ranger)
Mr. Burley
Admiral Malkor

Supporting Cast

Alex MacDonaldRoy
Cameron BellHowie
Reece RodewykBarry


Barry, Defenstream, Howie, Hyper Gosei Great, Hyper Gosei Great Victory Charge, Roy, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord

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