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Super Megaforce

Super Megaforce

Season 2, Episode 1
Original Air Date: February 15, 2014
Rating: 2.142 million viewers
Adapted from Gokaiger Episodes 1 and 2
Previous Episode (The Robo Knight Before Christmas)
Next Episode (Earth Fights Back)

Written by: James W. Bates
Directed by: James Barr

On the Armada Ship, Prince Vekar praises the invasion victory to Argus and Levira. Argus is ready to send in a second round of troopers. Levira wishes that she had a device to find Vekar's brother, Vrak. Vrak plots to avenge his brother and take control of planet Earth.

Headridge and an army of X Borg start the attack on Earth. Pink Ranger races to the mall, where the X Borgs have caused heavy damage to Ernie's Brainfreeze and the remainder of the mall. After a quick battle in the mall, she finds Ernie hiding behind the counter. Blue Ranger fights the X Borgs in Harwood County High School. He finds a few students in the computer lab. He recruits the students to find the other students. Black and Yellow Rangers make it to the Command Center. Gia was unable to contact Gosei. Noah and Emma joins their friends in the Command Center. Gosei tells the Rangers that the world has never seen an invasion like this. Troy is the final Ranger to return to the Command Center. Troy was searching for Robo Knight, but his attempts failed. Gosei presents the new Legendary Morphers and Ranger Keys to unlock the Rangers' new Super Mega Mode. The Ranger Keys allow the Rangers to access Legendary Mode to tap the powers of past Power Rangers. Jake asks about his Green Key and gets a simple explanation (unknown to the audience).

Back at at Armada ship, Damaras prepares to send the next round of X Borgs. The Megaforce Rangers arrive in time to stop Headridge and the X Borgs. Yellow Ranger suggests Ultra Mode, but Red Ranger orders the new Super Mega mode. The Rangers use their new Legendary Morphers to transform into the new Super Mega Power Rangers. With their new Super Mega Sabers and Blasters, the Power Rangers take on the X Borgs. The Rangers switch weapons to try out new fighting styles against the foot soldiers. The Rangers use their first Legendary Ranger Keys: Power Rangers Samurai. With the Samurai Ranger Keys, the Rangers transform into the Samurai Power Rangers. After a quick fight, the Rangers use the Mystic Force Keys to transform into the Mystic Force Power Rangers. The Rangers use their Mystic Wands to defeat the X Borgs. The Legendary Mode wears off after the attack. The Super Megaforce Rangers work together against Headridge. Gosei orders the Rangers to insert the Ranger Keys into the Sabers. The Rangers power up the Super Mega Sabers to perform the Final Strike attack. Prince Vekar is upset from the loss. He sends the next monster and another round of X Borgs.

The Rangers race to face off against Tenatacus and another group of X Borgs and Bruisers. Tenatacus fires a large round of blasts towards the Rangers, who rapidly transform into S.P.D. Power Rangers. The Rangers avoid the attacks and fire back to the monster. As Tentacus runs towards them, the Rangers morph into Ninja Storm Power Rangers. With the Shadow attacks, the Rangers push Tentacus back and buy them enough time to transform into the Legendary Red Power Rangers. The Red Rangers work together to defeat Tentacus. Levira fires the Maximizer to make Tentacus and Bruisers grow. Gosei contacts the Rangers about their new Zords. The Rangers summon the Sky Ship and the Super Mega Zords. After a quick zord fight, the Rangers combine the zords into the Legendary Megazord. Tentacus and the Bruisers surround the Megazord. Tentacus accidently activates the cannons to defeat the Bruisers. Legendary Megazord performs the finishing attack to defeat Tentacus. Back at Harwood County High School, the students get the school back to normal. Noah convinces Mr. Burley to return to his classroom. Mr. Burley reminds the students of the science brain teaser that taught the students that humans can outlast others by working together. At the beach, Troy remembers his last moments with Robo Knight.

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Super Mega Powers
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Troy Burrows (Red Ranger)
Noah Carver (Blue Ranger)
Jake Holling (Black Ranger)
Gia Moran (Yellow Ranger)
Emma Goodall (Pink Ranger)
Mr. Burley
Prince Vekar
Princess Levira

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Argus, Damaras, Headridge, Jet Zord, Legendary Megazord, Legendary Morpher, Prince Vekar, Princess Levira, Racer Zord, Sky Ship, Sub Zord, Super Mega Blaster, Super Mega Mode, Super Mega Saber, Tentacus, Wheeler Zord, X-Borgs

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