Power Rangers Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Filming

Power Rangers Megaforce has been in production for over a year to produce a show that utilizes Goseiger and Gokaiger sentai footage and gives appropriate homage to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season. The cast was selected in July and announced in August at Power Morphicon. The cast members flew to New Zealand in September to begin training for their new roles. Filming started in the first week of October.

This page is inspired by our blog article about the first week's filming.


Mr. Yellow (RangerCrew) tweeted this photo of the Mount Albert Grammar School in New Zealand. According to the filming notice (found on Twitter), Mount Albert Grammar School will be the primary location for the high school setting.
Mount Albert Grammer School


The production team will no longer be using the beautiful RED cameras that were used in Power Rangers: Samurai and Power Rangers: Super Samurai. They have changed to the Arri Ultraprimes and six Alexa packages equipment by Filmscape. The new cameras are pretty comparable to the RED counterparts. Thanks DarkBlaze (RangerCrew) for the information.

Megaforce Monster Spotted

bikebarnmanukau tweeted a photo of one of the Power Rangers Megaforce monsters.
Mount Albert Grammer School


Here are a few photos that the cast posted on their Instagrams. You can view more photos in the Gallery.

Power Rangers Megaforce CastPower Rangers Megaforce CastPower Rangers Megaforce Cast
Power Rangers Megaforce Cast
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